Island of the Wolf

Island of Wolf 250Kidnapped and secretly transported to the Canadian wilderness, five strangers are abandoned on an island in the midst of a huge glacial lake. When the full moon rises, they become prey for the most unholy of creatures. Stalked by a blood-maddened beast, the five struggle to survive on the Island of the Wolf.

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Island of the Wolf is a taut, exciting thriller that brings the terror of being hunted by a monster to life. When a group of seemingly unconnected men and women are stranded on an island and told they are going to be tracked down and killed in retribution for betraying their kidnapper, the stage is set for a game of hide-and-seek where the losers die a horrible death. Will any of our characters make it off the island alive? Douglas Hawk sets the stage with great effect and the suspense never lets up. Though a relatively short novella, Hawk packs more punch into his story than most writers can in books three times as long. The characters are surprisingly well drawn considering the brevity of the narrative, and the werewolf action is dark and brutal. Highly recommended to all werewolf aficionados and anyone who appreciates a lean, efficient scarefest.

Worth a look if you are a great werewolf story fan.

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