The Moonslasher Saga

REDUCED-250Coronado Lake, Colorado, a small resort town where people spend their summers boating, fishing and relaxing until the full moon rises and the carnage begins. As townspeople begin dying savagely, Police Chief Foley Kincaid and Dr. Thomas Burk try to find answers to stop the slaughter under the fangs and claws of a supernatural creature that knows only bloodlust and revenge.

Douglas D. Hawk’s first novel, Moonslasher was a national bestseller for Critic’s Choice Paperbacks. This new edition, issued by Raptor Mountain Publishing, is a re-edited and updated, but features the same terrifying story that will keep you awake at night and afraid of the dark shadows in the cool moonlight.

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MoonBloodHunt 250The long await sequel to Moonslasher, Moons of the Blood Hunt finds survivors of her relentless attacks again fighting Sekhet the Slaughter, the ancient Egyptian sun goddess. Cursed to walk in the light of the full moon, she preys on humans for her survival and she has now taken the battle from the Colorado mountains to the streets of Denver in a savage blood hunt as she pursues those who previously escaped her.


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“I crave flesh and blood…The gnawing in my belly is great. I need to be replenished.” The terrifying monster so artfully created in Moonslasher is back in Douglas Hawk’s fast-paced sequel, Moons of the Blood Hunt.

It’s a stormy night, and a young doctor bicycling home from work takes the path along a creek to avoid splashing rain and speeding drivers. The way lies in shadows, but at least there’s no one to get in his way. Or is there? Quiet dread grows into fear and builds into run-for-your-life horror as this character lets the reader know bad things are going to happen in Denver. It’s just the beginning of the havoc that will be wreaked upon the city unless the people who have encountered the monster before can stop it.

Doug Hawk is a skillful writer, creating memorable characters and ruthlessly subjecting them to the dreadful revenge of a creature none of them understand. Moons of the Blood Hunt is a fun read. Just make sure you’ve paid your electric bill: you do not want the lights to go out while you’re reading this one.
Yvonne Montgomery, author of Scavenger Hunt, Obstacle Course, and The Wisdom Court Series.

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The long-awaited sequel to Moonslasher and I was NOT disappointed with the book! The wait was WELL worth it!!! Mr. Hawk writes in such a way as to make you want to see more of his work!


Amazon Reviews of Moonslasher

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. If you liked The Hyde Effect by Steve Vance, you will like this book as well. Once again, if it was done right, it would make a fantastic movie. The story is great, with believable characters and the creature relentless. With today’s special effects, a movie would be worth seeing.”


“The book cover was what made me want to buy the novel. I’m a horror/sci-fi/fantasy book fan to the nth degree. Moonslasher is one of my books that I can read again and again and again…without ever tiring of the story. I still get that weird feeling that whenever I’m walking out alone in the dark that someone/something is lurking there…waiting…watching…teeth, claws…yikes! A great horror novel that plays like a movie in your mind. Awesome creature, great characters! Is there a sequel? One can hope…”


“I bought this book many years ago. I have read it hundreds of times and I STILL hold my breath in certain scenes, even though I know the outcome. With his words, Mr. Hawk is able to make me SEE the characters and FEEL the fear the characters feel.”


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