Over on my Webpage I’m finally getting my 7 Questions series started. The idea is pretty simple; I ask seven questions — the same questions for each respondent — concerning their writing and writing process. Since I primarily write horror, I’m approaching horror and dark fantasy writers. As of this writing, I have twelve “yeses,” two “thanks but no thanks,” seven without any response and a couple still pending. That puts my yes/no ratio at about 50 percent, an excellent positive response rate if I do say so myself.

Originally, it was going to be “5 Questions,” but that didn’t seem to be enough and “10 Questions” was too many. I settled on the seven question format after I surveyed members of the Colorado Authors’ League. Their responses truly helped assemble some excellent questions.

Writers take private pleasure in talking about our work. Let’s face it, we’re like mice living in the walls; seldom seen, occasionally heard and often driving the people around us nuts. As a breed, writers are a solitary lot, closeted away in small rooms with a computer, books, legal pads, notepads, steno pads iPads, perhaps a stereo or mp3 player and an array of other “comfort” items. Whether we live in cities or towns, villages or isolated cabins deep in the woods or far out in the desert, we are hermits. Some writers work in absolute quiet and others, like me, always have music playing in the background. (I once told to friend that I write with music playing to drown out the hoof-beats of approaching death. Too morose? Sorry, it’s in my nature). However, the long and the short of it is that having an opportunity to talk about how we do what we do without sounding like pompous windbags is rare.

I hope people enjoy reading the weekly responses to the 7 Questions. Personally, I find that learning about the work habits of other writers is infinitely fascinating and I hope readers do as well.

This week the legendary Billie Sue Mosiman was featured. Next up is President of the Horror Writers Association and Stephen King biographer, Rocky Wood. 7 Questions is updated every Monday.