Finally! MOONSLASHER is posted to Amazon. I’ve updated it a bit, but it’s the same story that appeared from Critic’s Choice in 1987. Foley Kincaid, Tom Burk, Vanessa Symons, the Hackett brothers, Shaw McManus and Jessica Halworth and, let’s not forget, Sekhet, are all there playing their part in the blood fest.

I’m remember writing it in the office – the same office’s I’m in now, except rather than a tile floor, it had orange carpeting (what was I thinking?) – on an IBM Selectric typewriter that was the be-all and end-all of writing tools. Of course, I wrote it in the fall of ’82, right before the infamous Christmas blizzard that shutdown Denver and the surrounding area for about four days. In 1982 all the great technology we now take for granted – the Internet, personal computers, cell phones, Kindles – were just pipe dreams. A remarkable amount of change has occurred in 30 years. For one thing, I was 34 years old. Now I’m what? Forty-nine? I think the math works. Right?

Now, I’ve already uploaded the MOONSLASHER cover, but I’m uploading the final cover – I added a tiny bit of info.

Thus, if you like scary monsters, you’ll like the Moonslasher.